Creative City Challenge finalists selected

Three teams have been selected as finalists for the 2018 Creative City Challenge. This year, taking its cue from the site of the installation, The Commons, artists proposed projects on the theme of Commonality: What is the 21st century commons? What do we share when we gather together in outdoor spaces? Is it possible to share common ideas and goals while acknowledging significant differences in heritage, lifestyle, income and interest?

A jury will select the winning team to install its project at The Commons for an unveiling at Northern Spark June 16 and remaining on The Commons for several weeks.

The finalists

Carry-on Family proposes “Carry-on Homes,” a multi-functional venue for story sharing, where individuals can come together and speak to their homes – near and far – on a stage or by writing notes and tying them on a “journey wall.” Home is a universally shared concept that transcends race, gender, class and polemics.

Samuel B. Ero-Phillips takes inspiration for “United Nations” from the way the United Nations relates to our common human experience around the world. The base of the assembly hall would create a space to gather with an overhead structure displaying and illuminating our best shared ideals. Murals on the lower wood deck seating area and custom globes would respond to a theme of commonality curated by the artist’s network of youth worker community artists.

Yes Let’s proposes “Uncommon Courtesies, ” setting up an interactive radial experience with a common question, a common experience and a common community. Visitors would move through stations in four different levels having recorded stories from diverse communities paired with supplementary graphics and text.

About Minneapolis’ Creative City Challenge

The Creative City Challenge is a temporary public art commission program managed by the City of Minneapolis’ Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program and conceived as a showcase for local creative talent, Minneapolis community identities and a tangible symbol of the complex narratives that make up the many stories within our urban landscape. Each year the selected project receives a commission, and the winning work is showcased at the annual Northern Spark festival.

Find more from the artists and see their preliminary project sketches at