City adopts 2018 budget

The mayor and City Council have approved a 2018 budget for the City. The $1.42 billion budget invests in the City’s power to combat climate change, works toward the day when all our residents have a place to call home, and continues investment in public safety and public trust.

Highlights of the adopted 2018 budget include:

  • Climate investments:
    • Nearly $6 million in clean energy, cleaner businesses, and more efficient commercial and residential spaces in the city. This investment represents a 60 percent increase over the 2014 budget.
    • Raising utility franchise fees by half a percentage point, which will raise more than $2 million in 2018 alone to ensure significant, predictable funding to move the dial on Minneapolis’ climate impact.
  • $24 million in housing investments across a number of programs.
  • A $3.2 million investment in strategies that will continue to build community trust and ensure public safety including body camera expansion and funding for additional police officers.
  • $1 million investment to protect and support the constitutional rights of every single qualified voter in the City of Minneapolis.
  • Creation of a centralized data practices request system that will provide the public with a one-stop shop for data requests and a process to digitize a large number of paper records.

A responsible property tax levy provides the resources to ensure that the City runs well, makes critical investments, and continues implementing the landmark, 20-year agreement to fund the infrastructure and operations of neighborhood parks and City streets.