First results available from Minneapolis election

Tabulation resumes this morning

Results from the totals of all first-ranked choices in every race are now on the Elections & Voter Services website. Unofficial winners are declared in six races. Today, election officials will tabulate data from all remaining races through a series of rounds to complete the computation of results. 
This morning, elections officials are preparing the data for tabulation. That tabulation will begin with additional rounds of results in the afternoon. As each round of counting in each race is completed, the results will be posted in several places:
Although it is not possible to know exactly how long the tabulation will take for the remaining races, elections officials plan to complete tabulation and declare a winner in the mayor’s race on Wednesday, Nov. 6. Tabulation for all races is planned to be complete by Friday, Nov. 8.
Unofficial winners declared
Based on the results data from Hennepin County, EVS will be declaring the following unofficial winners in the following races:
  • City Council Ward 2: Cam Gordon
  • City Council Ward 7: Lisa Goodman
  • City Council Ward 8: Andrea Jenkins
  • City Council Ward 10: Lisa Bender
  • City Council Ward 12: Andrew Johnson
  • City Council Ward 13: Linea Palmisano
Tabulation in remaining races begins today
Because no candidate in the remaining races reached the required threshold of votes to be declared a winner in the first round, additional rounds will be tabulated in those races, beginning with the mayor’s race. Ranked-choice voting processes ballots through a series of rounds in which the elimination of the lowest ranked candidate (or candidates). Those ballots are redistributed to the next-ranked candidate. Races will be tabulated one at a time, in the order in which the offices are listed on the ballot. A random order was drawn to handle City Council wards and Park and Recreation Board districts. Below is the order in which the remaining races will be tabulated:
  • Mayor
  • City Council Ward 3
  • City Council Ward 9
  • City Council Ward 5
  • City Council Ward 11
  • City Council Ward 4
  • City Council Ward 1
  • City Council Ward 6
  • Board of Estimate & Taxation (2 seats)
  • Park and Recreation Board at-large (3 seats)
  • Park and Recreation Board District 6
  • Park and Recreation Board District 3
  • Park and Recreation Board District 5
  • Park and Recreation Board District 2
  • Park and Recreation Board District 1
  • Park and Recreation Board District 4
If for any reason Elections & Voter Services is unable to complete tabulation in all races tomorrow, tabulation will continue Thursday, Nov. 9.
Certifying final results
Once all unofficial results have been reported, the City Council—sitting as the Municipal Canvassing Board—will receive the final tallies. A meeting of the Municipal Canvassing Board has been scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15 in the Council Chamber (Room 319) at City Hall. At that meeting, the Canvassing Board will certify final results, at which point they become the official results in the 2017 Municipal Election.