Nicollet Mall Sculpture Clock kinetic pieces moving again

The restored Sculpture Clock at 11th & Nicollet is operational again.

After a long hiatus, the 1968-era clock’s kinetic sculpture is working again. The sculpture is made up of hundreds of moving pieces that twist and turn in a variety of directions. The Sculpture Clock was designed by Jack Nelson, an eclectic artist known for his kinetic pieces.

Nicollet Sculpture Clock

A team of experts worked on restoring the clock after it was removed from Nicollet Mall in 2015. The restoration was funded in part by a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society.

The sculpture clock is one of several art pieces returning to the new Nicollet. Three new signature art pieces have also been commissioned for the street — Ned Kahn’s “Prairie Tree,” Blessing Hancock’s “Nicollet Lanterns” and Tristan Al-Haddad’s “Nimbus.”