City Council condemns terrorist attacks in Somalia

Today, the City Council condemned the deadly Oct. 14 terrorist bombings in Mogadishu, Somalia, and supported the victims and families affected by that attack. The resolution, which received unanimous approval, also called on the U.S. to increase its assistance to Somalia and lift a travel ban to that country.

“It’s very important for us to show our support and solidarity with those we love – our community members and extended family in Somalia,” said Council Vice President Elizabeth Glidden, who was the primary author of the resolution. “The bombings in Mogadishu were some of the most horrific and devastating in decades. Many of our community members are in complete shock.”

“The connection between Minneapolis and Somalia is clear, bright, constant, and beloved,” said Mayor Betsy Hodges. “The horrific, murderous bombing in Mogadishu last Saturday has left the heart of Minneapolis broken and grieving with the broken heart of the people of Somalia everywhere on our planet. Today, we expressed our unanimous condemnation of that heinous act and offer continuous and wholehearted support of the Somali community in Minneapolis.”

At least 327 people were killed and nearly 400 were injured when a massive truck bomb exploded in a busy intersection in Mogadishu. The blast leveled a nearby hotel, trapping several people in debris. The bombing is the deadliest terrorist attack in Mogadishu’s history.

With an estimated 35,000 people, Minnesota has the world’s largest Somali population outside of Somalia. The highest concentration lives in Minneapolis. Many of these residents have strong ties to family, friends and business relationships in Somalia.

The bombing was condemned by the United Nations, along with the U.S. several other countries. Humanitarian aid is being provided by the U.S. as well, along with the United Kingdom, Turkey and others.