Investigation process of officer-involved shooting

Following the fatal officer-involved shooting of Justine Damond July 15, 2017, the City requested the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) immediately begin an independent investigation of the incident.

An independent investigation of the incident maintains the independence and integrity of the investigation. In 2014, the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) asked the BCA to take over “critical incident” investigations involving MPD officers. This decision was made to avoid MPD having to investigate itself in these most sensitive cases, and in so doing, help build community trust in the oversight process.

Since the BCA is leading the investigation, the City does not have access to investigative information except for the information released publicly by the BCA. City leaders have asked the BCA to be as quick and transparent in their investigation as possible while maintaining their integrity.

On July 18, the BCA released additional information about the incident. Following this release, the City made available public documents not classified by the BCA as criminal investigative data in an online portal. Additional information will be added to the City’s online portal as data is approved for release.

The City’s civilian Office of Police Conduct Review (OPCR) has initiated an inquiry, which may be investigated after the process described in the graphic below. For any officer-involved shooting, MPD’s Internal Affairs Unit also activates an automatic internal affairs use of force review.


Independent criminal investigative process of police conduct flow chart