Trees for Nicollet Mall arriving

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Greenery is returning to Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. This week, the first trees to be planted have arrived.

Each tree weighs around 8,000 pounds and was individually selected by the Nicollet Mall team. There will be more than 240 trees coming to the mall, eight different species in all. The first 20 of these trees are staged near Peavey Plaza, and will be planted in the coming weeks.

The design team selected trees with help from the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s Forestry Department, University of Minnesota’s Department of Forest Resources and local nurseries. Selection Criteria included tolerance to urban conditions, salt tolerance, notable characteristics (such as fruit, flower, fall color), plant spacing, maintenance requirements, native, hardiness zone, adaptability, insect resistance, and demonstrated history of performing well in southeast Minnesota.

Tree Species

There are eight species of trees coming to Nicollet Mall:

  • Amelanchier laevis (Allegheny Serviceberry)
  • Amelanchier grandiflora (Allegheny Brilliance Serviceberry)
  • Betula nigra “Heritage” (River Birch)
  • Betula populifolia “Whitespire” (Whitespire Gray Birch)
  • Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar)
  • Quercus bicolor (White Swamp Oak)
  • Quercus ellipsoidalis (Northern Pin Oak)
  • Ulmus “Morton Glossy” (Triumph Elm)

Nicollet Mall has been undergoing a major reconstruction. Find out more about the construction.