Don’t leave pets in cars in upcoming dangerous heat

The temperature inside a car can change drastically in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t have to be that hot outside for the temperature inside a vehicle to become dangerous to animals left inside – even with windows cracked. Animals left in vehicles, even for only 15 minutes, can suffer from heatstroke, irreparable organ and brain damage.

Minneapolis is expecting very hot temperatures over the next several days, according to the National Weather Service. When temperatures reach these dangerous levels, Minneapolis Animal Care and Control wants you to think twice before bringing your dog with you on a car ride.

Minneapolis City Ordinance 64.60 says that animals should not be left unattended in a standing or parked vehicle that endangers the animal’s health or safety.

A peace officer, humane agent, animal control officer or a member of a fire or rescue department or political subdivision (but not a member of the public) may use reasonable force to enter a vehicle to remove an animal that may be endangered. The rescuer will try to contact the owner of the pet, but if that’s not possible, the animal is taken to a shelter or veterinarian if emergency care is required.

If you see an animal left in a hot car, please call 311 to make a report.

Leaving your pet in a car will cost you

Those in violation of City Ordinance 64.60 will be responsible for costs and fees required for care, treatment, and impoundment or kenneling of the animal. And that’s in addition to the costs to repair any damages to your vehicle that may result from the rescue.

Leaving your pet in a hot car can cost you:

  • Citation for violation of Minneapolis Ordinance 64.60 = $500
  • Average cost of broken vehicle window = $100-$400
  • Emergency veterinary costs = $500-$5,000
  • Impound and kennel fees = $50-$1,000
  • Conviction for cruelty 343.21 = $3,000 fine and/or one year imprisonment
  • Loss of your pet = Priceless

We care about your pets too; leave them at home! Be a responsible pet owner!