Green Zones designated for equity, environment focus

The City has approved a new policy that designates two geographic areas of Minneapolis for focused progress on environmental equity. The Green Zone designations will work to bring about racial equity, improve health, and support economic development in communities that face the cumulative effects of environmental pollution and social, political and economic vulnerability. Green Zones work will use environmentally conscious efforts by addressing such issues as air quality, soil and water cleanup, green jobs and clean energy. Key interests for the designated communities involve greening local businesses, housing quality and availability, community gardens, protecting the most vulnerable, and building community.

Currently people in the designated communities live with lower life expectancies, lower quality housing, lower employment and higher rates of violence than other neighborhoods. While improving conditions, the initiative will employ critical considerations for preventing gentrification and displacement such as:

  • A focus on the most vulnerable people: people in low-wealth areas, over-burdened communities, people of color, indigenous people, youths, people with disabilities, older residents, people with lower incomes.
  • Planning led by the communities concerned.
  • Homegrown development and community ownership.
  • Innovation, creativity, courage, flexibility and adaptability.

The City has designated a Green Zone on the North Side and one on the South Side.

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