Traffic control agent struck by car urges drivers to be careful

A Minneapolis traffic control agent struck by a motor vehicle six months ago has an important message for drivers: watch for her and other agents.

As Jennifer Schlosser directed traffic at Third Street South and Fifth Avenue South during the afternoon rush hour Sept. 12, 2016, a vehicle struck her. She was thrown into the air and suffered many injuries, which she is still recovering from. She reminds all drivers to be patient, follow driving laws and watch for traffic control agents.

“I just really want everyone to be more aware,” she said. “We are out there and we’re just trying to get you safely home. We want to go home safe as well.”

The City provides traffic control agents as a service to keep traffic flowing. As the construction season begins, you’ll see more of them in downtown intersections. They also direct traffic for Twins games, concerts and other big events.

Under Minnesota law, instructions given by Minneapolis traffic control agents must be followed by all drivers. Their direction overrides all traffic signals and signs.