City sending out property value notices

Graphic of sample valuation noticesHomeowners in the City are receiving their Notice of Valuation and Classification in the mail, which states your estimated market value of which your 2018 property taxes are based on.

This is the time of year when property owners have a chance to review their value with an appraiser, ask questions and appeal their value at the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization, if so desired.

If you do not believe your valuation and property class are correct, contact the City Assessor’s office at 612-673-2382 or to first speak with an appraiser to review the valuation and classification. Questions, concerns and issues can often be resolved at this level. If your questions or concerns are still not resolved, a more formal appeal process is available.

Should you decide to further appeal your valuation, applications to appeal the local board are due March 24. The local board will hear cases on April 26. Learn more about the formal appeals options online.

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