Save money on your property taxes, call to see if you qualify

A lot of Minneapolis property owners and renters could save money with state tax relief programs they might not know about. If you’re not already in a program for tax relief, check the lists below and call 311 to find out if you qualify for reduced property taxes or a refund this year.

Several property tax relief programs exist for property owners and renters.

Call 311 if you are a homeowner and any of these apply to you:

Homeowner with household income less than $108,660.

Blind homeowner.

Disabled homeowner.

Disabled veteran homeowner (70 percent or more disabled).

Surviving spouse or primary caregiver of a disabled veteran (70 percent or more permanently disabled).

Surviving spouse of a service member who died while on active duty.

Homeowner 65 or older, household income $60,000 or less, owned and lived in the property 15 years or longer, no state or federal tax liens on property, debt cannot exceed 75 percent of assessor’s value.

Homeowner with a property tax increase at least 12 percent ($100 or more) from the previous year.

Call 311 if you are a renter and this applies to you:

Renter with 2016 household income less than $58,880.

If any of those apply to you, call 311 and an agent will help you find out if you qualify for property tax relief.