Council reaffirms commitment to One Minneapolis values

The Minneapolis City Council and Mayor Betsy Hodges adopted a resolution standing with all members of the one Minneapolis, rejecting the politics of division, bigotry, hate and fear. The resolution commits the City to fighting for the rights, freedoms and interests of all of the members of the Minneapolis community, no matter skin color, gender, the way of worship, birthplace, sexual orientation, or any other identity. The City Council and Mayor Hodges reaffirm their commitment to be a “sanctuary city,” building and maintaining positive relations between City employees and all of the members of our communities.

The resolution points out that immigrant and refugee members of the community – documented or undocumented – bring hope, optimism and entrepreneurial spirit, along with a diversity of cultural expressions that keeps our city vibrant.

It also observes that Title 2, Chapter 19 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances states that “the city does not operate its programs for the purpose of enforcing federal immigration laws,” and that “[p]ublic safety officials shall not undertake any law enforcement action for the purpose of detecting the presence of undocumented persons, or to verify immigration status, including but not limited to questioning any person or persons about their immigration status.”